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Hey guys! Long (loooooooong) time no see! (Does anyone pay attention to this poor thing anymore? Um, probably not.)

I'm on vacation from school for four months, and also recently unemployed, which means I have a lot of spare time on my hands. And okay, so maybe I don't even particularly care for anime that much anymore, but I'm feeling a bit motivated now to work and do maybe a few updates, especially after catching up and reading some of the entries in the guestbook we have somehow accumulated even after months (years?) of neglect! So for anyone resembling visitors: I'm going to be working on maybe a new layout for the domain, a new layout for the Utena shrine and the tweaking of aforementioned shrine, and some new wallpapers. No promises all of this will be done, especially anytime soon, but work shall be commencing on some of that...right now!
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