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Hey kids...

Because I fear having yet another layout say "Summer 200_" posted for god knows how long after summer ends, I'm cooking up something new for the main site. Email me if you wish to get a sneak peek of it (if you can't find it "hidden" in the FTP directory).

I've also got a possible re-design idea for LFSUP because I've been neglecting the poor thing and I think it's high-time for a makeover there as well as some updates, hopefully before I go off and start my brand-new life at university (bleh).
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Erm...this doesnt have anything to do with your post but...
Dunno if any of you guys live in the Tampa FL area, but if ya do, there showing the Utena movie @ Movico in Ybor Oct 7th at 7:30. Just trying to get as many people as possible to go ^_^, spreading the love and all....
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